A classic among the mobile solution.

Ivolum tripod screen

Our tripod screens are mobile and offer excellent value for money.

Tripod screens are very quick and easy to set up and provide the ideal mobile solution.

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Optimal image reproduction

The black back is impervious to light. The black borders increase the contrast. The type D fabric (diffuse reflection) has a gain factor of 1.0 and reflects light evenly. The projection always appears evenly on the screen with no light spots or less well-lit areas. It is suitable for high resolution content including 4K.

Reliable fabric quality

The screen fabric is manufactured with a double-sided coating. The middle layer provides additional stability and excellent flatness.


Excellent service

We are happy to assist with any questions you may have – before or after your purchase.



Further details on tripod screens

The setup is easy:

place the tripod on the floor, turn the body so that it is horizontal, unfold the legs and adjust the fabric to the required height. The housing contains a carrying handle for easy transport.

The advantage of the tripod screens is that they are light weight and can be easily set up without using any tools making them ideal for mobile use.

The positioning of the fabric is flexible – the height of the housing and the height of the top of the screen are both adjustable. The tripod screen offers excellent value for money.

Mobility can be a disadvantage when the screen is used with a permanently installed projector as the image has to be re-aligned each time of usage.

In this case, a fixed installation screen such as a manual pull down screen or an electric screen would be the better option.

The tripod screen is ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors (so long it is dry and not too sunny).

It can be used as a home cinema screen and is also suitable for business use particularly when travelling. It's also a great solution for events companies.