Excellent value for money.

Ivolum manual screen

Our manual pull-down screens offer a cost effective solution for fixed installations.

It is quickly installed and thanks to its pull-down mechanism can be extended and retracted as required. Whether installed in your living room, home cinema or office, the Ivolum pull down screen is an excellent choice.

Available from






200 x 200 cm / 78'' x 78'' 200 x 150 cm / 78'' x 59'' 200 x 113 cm / 78'' x 44''
240 x 240 cm / 94'' x 94'' 240 x 180 cm / 94'' x 70'' 240 x 135 cm / 94'' x 53''

Flexible installation

Decide where you wish to install the screen. It comes pre-assembled and can be mounted to the wall or ceiling in a few easy steps.

Optimal image reproduction

The black back is impervious to light. The black borders increase the contrast. The type D fabric (diffuse reflection) has a gain factor of 1.0 and reflects light evenly. The projection always appears evenly on the screen with no light spots or less well-lit areas. It is suitable for high resolution content including 4K.


Reliable fabric quality

The screen fabric is manufactured with a double-sided coating. The middle layer provides additional stability and excellent flatness.

Excellent service

We are happy to assist with any questions you may have – before or after your purchase.



Further details on manual pull-down screens

The manual screen is designed for fixed installations and is operated manually.

The housing of the screen will be mounted to the ceiling or wall. The screen fabric is pulled down from its housing using the handle and can be stopped at the desired position thanks to its built-in spring mechanism. If the screen is no longer used, the fabric can be retracted in the same way.

The advantage of a manual screen is that is it cost effective and does not require any electrics, power supply or installation of cabling.

Simply mount the manual pull down screen to wall or ceiling and use it.

The main disadvantage is that the screen cannot be operated from the comfort of your sofa.

Also, the manual operation of a screen is not as precise as if operated electrically. A pre-set positioning of an image may therefore move slightly over time. Manual pull down screens are only available up to 300cm wide as a manual operation for larger screen would be difficult.

The use is versatile:

it is ideal for your living room or home cinema room. It ensures a professional approach when used in offices, meeting or conference rooms with its 30% higher light output and a 100% even reflection as compared to projecting onto an uneven wall. It also provides great value for money when used to show sports events in restaurants and bars.