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Ivolum fixed frame screen

Fixed frame screens are our real homecinema 'experts'.

The perfectly taut fabric is ideally suited for your home cinema. Once erected, the frame screen remains on the wall and provides an optimum projection surface, permanently.

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Best flatness

The fixed frame screen is characterised by excellent screen flatness and long life. Once the frame screen has been installed, it does not need to be moved. The fabric stretches onto the rear of the frame, after the frame has been assembled and provides perfect flatness. The screen is protected against temperature change and remains completely flat. The rectangular design provides a perfectly framed projection image once the projector has been properly aligned.

Long life

As a fixed frame screen is only installed once, it is not subject to any mechanical strain. The constantly taut fabric is resistant to temperature changes (indoors) and remains perfectly taut. The rigid frame does not degrade by age or rust.

Excellent service

We are happy to assist with any questions you may have – before or after your purchase.



Further details on fixed frame screens

The frame comes in 4 pieces (2x long and 2x short sides).

Once the sides are assembled, the fabric is fastened by springs and elastic straps. As the size and format are fixed, a suitable projector has to be selected. When assembling the frame, it is important to avoid any unsightly joints in the corners. In the last step, the fabric is stretched onto the rear of the frame.

The fixed frame screen, once installed, will provide an enjoyable experience for a long time as the screen is not extended or retracted and stays static.

The fabric remains perfectly taut indefinitely. As the screen is usually wall mounted, no light will penetrate from the rear, an issue that can adversely affect classic pull down or electric screens.

A fixed frame screen is permanently visible and requires a free space on the wall.

It would therefore not be suitable to be installed in front of a TV for instance. The frame remains visible at all times which is ideal for a home cinema environment. Elsewhere, its permanent appearance may present an issue.

95% of fixed frame screens are used in home cinema environments, even large cinemas often use fixed frame screens.

Because of its construction, the screen cannot be moved easily and is designed for environments where regular projections take place. It is for indoor use only.